Land and access to finance, 2017 -

While land constitutes a significant percentage of the asset allocation in the portfolios of Indian households, there are several challenges that hinder a systematic and comprehensive study of the functioning of land markets in India. Among them are the near absence of reliable real time data on land ownership and the maze of state-level legislations that have an important bearing on land allocation and property rights in India.

Written by the Finance Research Group (FRG) at IGIDR, this report is a step towards studying the land market in India. It focuses on the modernisation of land record maintenance in the state of Maharashtra. Using a combination of publicly available data sources and field studies, we study the extent to which land record administration in Maharashtra has been digitised and its impact on service delivery to the end consumer. The findings of this study, which was commissioned by the Omidyar Network, have important implications for the institutional designs and systems that underpin land record management in India.

The Report                                                                                                           FRG-IGIDR
November 2017